90+ Coffee Raw Beans

About Ninety Plus

Founded in 2007, Ninety Plus has since been a global leader in speciality coffee production both in Ethiopia and at its 182-hectare boutique coffee production estate in Panama.

Ninety Plus methods of tastemaker team building, ecological cultivation, and its proprietary processing systems continue to produce among the best coffees ever, championed by roasters, retailers, and baristas in regional markets and in culinary competitions globally.

Ninety Plus has its Headquarters in Miami and offices in Panama and Ethiopia. Ninety Plus works with Exclusive Distributor Agents globally to represent and support its coffees.

Stories by Ninety Plus

Six 2016 National Champions

Ninety Plus would like to pay tribute to some outstanding baristas who competed with our Taste Profiles for their national barista competitions. We embrace these individuals not only for their talents but their dedication to translate the work at origin to the daily coffee consumer. Thank you for your continued support. Best of luck in your world competitions.

  1. StathisKoremtas – TAF Coffee: 1st Place Hellenic Brewers Cup using Nekisse
  2. Angelo Segoni – QuartaCaffé: 1st Place Italian Barista Competition using Nekisse
  3. OndřejHurtík – Doubleshot Coffee: 1st Place Czech Republic Barista Competition using Tchembe
  4. DavideBerti – La ChicheraCafè/Independent: 1st Place Italiano Coffee in Good Spirits using Nekisse
  5. Michalis Dimitrakopoulos – The Underdog: 1st Place Hellenic Coffee in Good Spirits using Nekisse using Tchembe
  6. AyhanEroglu – 1st Place Netherlands Cezve/Ibrik Competition using Nekisse

Taste Profiles

A Taste Profile is determined by coffee cherry variety(s), microclimate at the farm, and processing formula. Taste Profiles are given numeric levels, Level 7 through Level 195. Quality, scarcity, and price increase with the level number.