Tasting Notes: orange peel, gesha, floral, caramel, dried cashew fruit
A road runs from our estate farm house to the Solkiln and Red Room drying areas lined with beautiful plants called Datura. At dusk, its giant bell flowers emit a compelling fragrance. Legend has it that the native Gnobe tribe would pick these flowers and place them under their pillows as a sleep aid. Datura was an essential ingredient of love potions and witches’ brews, and has a long history of causing delirium and death. During the particle and vapor stages of evaluation in Sensory Room, we were brought back to that evening walk on the estate by honeysuckle, tangerine zest, milk chocolate, and floral fragrance. Juliette’s delicate, feminine taste profile focused our minds on Datura flowers and on the iconic character from Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet.