Tasting Notes: Savory on the nose up front, unfamiliar, then clear undercurrent of red fruit emerges and increases on cooling; juicy, candied elderberry with dried persimmon and sage.
Having worked in processing innovation in Ethiopia and Panama since 2006, Ninety Plus decided to open its doors in 2014 to a few special industry guests, who learn general Ninety Plus processing parameters in order to adapt their own signature formulae. Invitees to Ninety PlusGesha Estates were invited to harvest cherries with our super pickers and process coffees using Ninety Plus formulae.
About the Maker: from Ethiopia, 30 years young, known childhood actor, later roaster for 5 yrs at Novo Coffee USA, now back in Ethiopia as Director of Profile Processing for Ninety Plus.
Rationale: an effort to go against the trend for drying uniformity; Semeon decided to dry Nekisse N2 coffee nonuniformly, with intention.
Results: incredible complexity in the cup.